Hi, I’m Nic

Nic Lindh is a Swedish-American technologist, teacher, front-end developer, and writer who is passionate about the intersection of technology, journalism, and education.

Nic’s Origin Story

Nic grew up in Skövde, Sweden, did his army service as a communications officer in Karlsborg, Sweden, then moved to Lafayette, Louisiana to earn his bachelor’s degree in mass communication at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

After that, Nic earned his master’s degree in mass communication from the Cronkite School at Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona, where he has lived ever since.

Nic became a US citizen in 2006.

Nic’s Interests

Nic spends a lot of time with his face in his Kindle reading sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, and history books.

He has blogged regularly since 2003 at The Core Dump.

Saturday afternoons are for barbecuing on his Kamado grill, a.k.a egg grill. If you enjoy charring flesh, a Kamado is the best investment you can make. Seriously.

Nic’s Work

Nic works at the Cronkite School, where enjoys helping people use technology, whether it’s video editing, photo manipulation, or general computer skills. He also builds websites, like the main Cronkite site, the site for the school’s news bureau and many others.

Making people more comfortable with technology is a good thing.

Contact Nic

Nic welcomes questions and feedback. The best way to reach him is to send him an email. You can also find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thanks for taking the time to read this site and have a great day.