Meet Nic Lindh

A Swedish-American technologist, front-end web developer and writer, Nic cares a lot about technology and education.

Nic has taught English, graphic design, web design, and computer skills at K12 and university levels, and believes an understanding of how technology affects and intersects with society is crucial for citizens to possess in the 21st century.

He knows how to troubleshoot GRUB bootloaders and XConfig files, and hopes he'll never have to do either ever again.

Nic Lindh

Origin story

Nic grew up in Skövde, Sweden, where he learned at a tender age he does not enjoy the cold and dark, so he moved to America and earned a degree in mass communication at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

During his time at the university he met his wife, the Mac and the Internet. A good use of his time, he’d say.

After that, Nic earned his master’s degree at Arizona State University. He has lived in Phoenix, Arizona since then, and became a naturalized US citizen in 2006.



Nic spends his time with his family, fiddling with technology, voraciously reading, writing, and grilling on his beloved Kamado grill.

He has blogged for your entertainment since 2003 at The Core Dump.

He is an enthusiastic amateur photographer.

If you understand Swedish, you can listen to his podcast Amerikapodden.

Flame on!


Nic builds websites for the Cronkite School and Arizona PBS, and helps people use technology.

He helped build Voting Wars, Weed Rush, Cronkite News and other sites.

Nic is good at WordPress theming, Jekyll, system administration, SEO, writing, teaching, public speaking, graphic design, and explaining why your taste in music is at best questionable.



The best way to reach Nic is to send him an email. You can also find him on Twitter and—(sigh) well, if you mustLinkedIn.

Let’s be excellent to each other!

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